A comprehensive solution

With its technology of connected objects interfaced with vehicles, idefleet allows you to control your fleets and their parameters at any moment.

Connected Objects

enhance your fleets capabilities


With our connected devices specially designed to interface with your vehicles, keep track of them anywhere in the world!

Manage the life of the battery

For all vehicles, from the data collected on its use, optimize the use of the battery to prolong its life !

Movement Detection

Secure your vehicles against theft or keep an eye on their location. Depending on the configuration you decide, block the use of the vehicle or involve one of your employees.

Accident Detection

You are alerted in real time in case of vehicle accidents. Receive its exact position and intervene as soon as possible.

You're in control

A turnkey and complete application

Connect all vehicles

idefleet can be interfaced with all types, from the management of a company fleet of vehicles, micro-mobility or any logistics need. Manage all your fleets at the tips of your fingers.

Traffic Zone

Control your fleets by traffic zones. Whether limiting speed or stopping the vehicle, you decide the behavior based on its geographical position! Automatically alert your users via the mobile app. Ideal for fine-tuning at the scale of a city or more globally at the size of a region, at any time you have control over the vehicle's behavior.

User Management

With idefleet you have no limits on the number of users. You have control over the different roles, whether administrators, fleet managers or repairers keep control over the use of your tool.

Reservation Management

Long-term reservation? Or rather short-term? All modes are covered by idefleet. Thanks to its web application in SaaS mode, access reservation information for your vehicles worldwide! Your data is secure, and you can manage your vehicles with confidence.

Expand your vision

a solution that accompanies you in your objectives

Data Uploads

idefleet allows you to receive your vehicle usage data. You can choose which data are reported and their frequencies, for a tailor-made follow-up.