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From integrating electronics into your vehicles to the operational management of your fleet, idefleet accompanies you with its SaaS solution.

Winner Start ZFE 2023

Elected Winner of the 2023 Edition of the Start ZFE call for projects financed by the Strasbourg Eurométropole. In the application development category.

Harness the power of connected objects

idefleet is the combination of our expertise in connected objects and software design. Whether you are a vehicle designer or fleet manager, benefit from its advanced features on a daily basis.

Fleet, Agency, and Station Management

Thanks to its web application in SaaS mode, access information about your fleets worldwide! Your data is secure, and you can manage your vehicles with confidence. Manage your fleets, as well as your agencies and stations; the idefleet solution adapts to various use cases, from public grand rental to private fleet reservation management in companies.

Enhance the flow

Improve the travel efficiency of connected vehicles, relying on AI and machine learning with optimization of flows and station locations


With our connected devices specially designed to interface with your vehicles, keep track of them anywhere in the world!

Traffic Zone

Control your fleets by traffic zones. Whether limiting speed or stopping the vehicle, you decide the behavior based on its geographical position! Automatically alert your users via the mobile app. Ideal for fine-tuning at the scale of a city or more globally at the size of a region, at any time you have control over the vehicle's behavior.

Movement and Falls Detection

Our cards also allow remote notification of impacts, falls, and movements, in any circumstance. Secure your vehicles and keep an eye on their position, at all times and wherever you are. No more unpleasant surprises or oversights, you decide when to be alerted!

Speed Limitation

Limit the vehicle's speed remotely! Globally or by zone, or just bring it to a halt.

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